Roland E. Powell Convention Center   ***  Ocean City, Maryland
August 30 - September 2, 2022


Tri-Association Conference

For conference information, send an email to:  We will reply within one business day.

Karl Ott– Committee Chair, retired Charles County
Aaron Hughes, WSSC Water
Alan Will, JMT
Andrew Jakubowitch, Century Engineering
Andy Cooper, Whitman, Requardt & Assoc.
Anthony Rocco, Howard County Bureau of Utilities
Barry Price, Artesian Water Company, Inc.
Bob Johns, Ferguson
Carrie Kruger, Town of Millsboro
Charles Poskas, RJN Group
Chein-Chi Chang, retired, DC Water
Clarence Beverhoudt, WSSC Water

Clark Howells, Baltimore City

Darcy Male, WSSC
Eric Held, Charles Morrow & Assoc.
Erica Whorley, Brown and Caldwell
Gian Cossa, DC Water
Graeme Lake, Penonni
Islam Khallaf, RJN Group

Jay Kirk, Brown and Caldwell
Jegnaw Essatu, WSSC Water
Kevin Quinn, St. Mary's METCOM
Kraig Moodie, FloWav
Margie Hamner, Starfish Consulting
Mark Snyder, Mueller Co.
Matt Roder, Arcadis

​Mike Cecil, American Contracting & Environmental Services
Mike Emery, retired, DC Water

Ogechi Okpechi, DC Water

Peter Bozick, George Miles & Buhr
Pono Hanson, Brown and Caldwell
Priscilla Brown-Buchalla, Black and Veatch
Raj Arora, American Pipe

​Ray Streib, Development Facilitators Inc

Rizwan Siddiqi, EBA Engineering, Inc.
Rob Penman, Jr., Artesian Water Company, Inc.
Ron Tatariw, Tatariw, Inc.
Sophia Liskovich, Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Tara Jones, MCET
Teresa DiGenova, Black and Veatch

Travis Gold, Tnemec Company

Our Conference Committee 

(shown right) meets monthly, and dedicates considerable effort to making sure that Tri-Con is a success for all who attend. 

​When you see a committee member, please thank them for their hard work!