Tri-Association Conference

Residuals & Biosolids Beauty Contest

​​Prepare your stabilized sample entries for the Residuals and Biosolids Beauty Contest held at Tri-Con!!

​Register all Residuals and Biosolids entries for the Beauty Contest at the CWEA table on the 2nd floor before 9am on Wednesday.  Entries will be displayed and judged in the Exhibitor Hall after they’ve been registered.  There will be awards handed out during the CWEA Annual Business Meeting Luncheon on Thursday, August 29th beginning at 12:30.  Awards will be given for Class A Biosolids Enhanced, Class B Biosolids, Water Residuals (fresh/unblended), and Best in Presentation (overall). 

Note: Multiple entries may be required if enhancements vary from sample to sample for the Class A Biosolids (enhanced).  For example, if you have a sample with no blend but aged for 30 days and a sample blended with sand, each sample must be entered into the contest separately even if it is from the same utility.

Contact John Maley, RBC Beauty Contest Lead at or Traci Storm, CWEA Executive Manager at with any questions.

August 27 - August 30, 2024

Roland E. Powell Convention Center   ***  Ocean City, Maryland